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  1. This offer is validated for 1 year. After this period of time, you have to pay the regular price.
  2. Free 24×7 support. (Over Phone, Live Chat, Ticket )
  3. You can use your own domain or if you want you can buy from our website.
  4. To get this offer you have to like our facebook page, Comment and share the following post.
  5. 30 lucky users shall be chosen from a lottery, the winner list will be posted on our facebook page on 1st November 2018.
  6. You will get the Premium 1GB hosting with these following specifications,
  • Web Space: 1 GB
  • Bandwidth: 30 GB
  • FREE SSL: Yes
  • Website Hosting: 2
  • FTP Account: Unlimited
  • E-mail: Unlimited
  • E-mail List: Unlimited
  • Database: Unlimited
  • Sub Domain: Unlimited
  1. You cannot host any site that contains adult material, anti-national contents. If we found any of this activities, the company has the right to shut down your hosting.
  2. You cannot spam using our email address. If you do, the company has the right to shut down your hosting.
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